Father Fred's Homilies

September 2017

Sep 14

Weekend of Sept 9/10 2017

God is love and those who abide in love, abide in God and God in them.  The love of Christ has gathered us together, let us rejoice and be glad in Him.  Owe no one anything accept to love one another and so you will fulfill the whole law. Fulfilling the whole does not mean getting an A+ in God’s religion class because we stayed...
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Sep 5

Weekend of Sept 2/3

The cross…Jesus is always about the cross- not just physical crucifixion, but something wider, deeper. the cross is not about worldly power, it is about service.  Not about self-indulgence it’s about denial, not about gaining it’s about losing, not about addition but subtraction.  Jesus is clear: transformation, not...
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