Capital Campaign Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q. What did the last campaign ( Live Our Faith Build Our Future ) accomplish?

A. The last campaign, Live Our Faith Build Our Future, raised over $3,000,000 in pledges.  Based on the pledges for the proposed construction of the school, drop-off canopy, social hall and new offices, and the commitment to put the land for sale that housed the older facilities, Bishop Hartmayer approved the start of the construction.

Q. How much money has been collected from the last campaign and how many families participated?

A. The current campaign ends December 31, 2017.  As of October 8, 2017, the current three-year campaign has collected $2,856,107.04.  We anticipate collecting over 2.9 million dollars by the end of that campaign.   481 families pledged and over 800 families contributed in the last campaign. 

Q. Why are we having another campaign now?

A. The previous campaign, Live Our Faith Build Our Future, ends on December 31, 2017.  The Forward in Faith campaign starts on January 1, 2018 and runs for three years.

Q.    What were the actual costs for the new construction?

A.  The actual construction costs were over 9 million dollars. The $7 million used in the previous campaign was the architects estimate.  Once we got the go ahead and received the actual costs, it totaled $9 million.  In addition to the construction costs, there was an architect fee and the cost of purchasing furniture, technology equipment and the school playground.

Q.  How is the Spanish community contributing to the campaign?

A. Beyond pledging, those attending the Spanish Mass have the opportunity to participate in monthly collections and fund raisers.

Q.    When this debt is paid off, will another construction project start?

A. The construction of the new church, school and social hall were part of a long-range plan developed over 15 years ago.  Before additional construction could occur, another long-range plan would need to be developed with input from parishioners.

Q.  Do we plan to allocate space for soccer fields?

A.  After our debt is significantly reduced or eliminated, then we will explore funding and location options for soccer fields.  If alternative funding is found, this need could be addressed sooner.

Q. What is the status of the church properties that are for sale?

A. The church office was sold on November 10.  We have not received any credible offers on the property that contained the former churches and school.

Q. Why are we asked to pledge and why for 3 years?

A. Research has found that those who pledge are more committed to giving and three years is the preferred time for capital campaigns.  A pledge of 3 years allows the parish to budget responsibly.

Q.  Can I pledge for 5 years?

A. Yes.  Please indicate 5 years on your pledge card to ensure the time frame is properly accounted for.

Q. I would like to designate a memorial for a room.  Can the last pledge amount and the current pledge amount be combined for a gifting opportunity?

A. Yes.    Please discuss that with Dara West, or 478-923-0124.

Q. When will we see the memorial designations?

A. The memorial designations will be mounted in the January / February 2018 timeframe, for gifting opportunity pledges that have been paid in full.

Q. I have already given my full pledge amount from the last campaign.  How do I start giving to the new campaign before January 1, 2018?

A.  Designate your gift to the fund, Building Fund - Forward in Faith by either; putting that information on your envelope, updating your online Bill Pay or selecting another fund when you give online.

Q. A parishioner asked me to consider a gift.  Why are parishioners asking for pledges?


A. Fellow parishioners who have already pledged have volunteered to ask other parishioners to do the same and to answer questions.  If you don’t have any questions and are ready to make your commitment, you may contact the office to pledge.

Q.  I work for a corporation that may match funding for nonprofit organizations, what should I do?

A. Matching corporate programs are a great opportunity to double your donation and support your corporation’s corporate social responsibility goals.  To find out if the corporation you work for matches donations, search on the Web for “double the donation and your company name”.  If your corporation matches funding for K-12 education institutions, Sacred Heart School can be authorized in the matching system.  Sacred Heart School is already setup for Geico, PepsiCo and Boeing. Please contact Dara West, or 478-923-0124, for more information.

Q.  My corporation matches donations to the school, can that count against my pledge?

A. The corporate matching gift maximizes your contribution, although it is not counted against your pledge. 

Q. How can I contribute?

A. There are three ways to contribute:

  1. Put cash or a check in the envelope designated Building Fund-Forward in Faith.  In the check memo line, designate Building Fund-Forward in Faith.
  2. Setup bill pay through your bank.  Indicate that the one time or recurring payment is designated to the Building Fund- Forward in Faith.
  3. Give with a credit card or your checking account by creating an account in ConnectNow Giving.  Access the web interface from our website, and click on the Online Giving button.  Select the fund Building Fund- Forward in Faith.  Once you setup your account, you can also download and use the app. (** Note: The church is charged a small overhead percentage for each transaction.  There is no charge with Bill Pay. )

Please make sure that you designate the donation is for Building Fund – Forward in Faith.

Q. Are we meeting our current loan payments?

A. Yes.  In 2017, we have collected between $50,000 - $70,000 monthly.  Our variable mortgage payment is approximately $43,000.

Q. For this campaign, how will parishioners be updated on their pledge vs. payment?

A. Parishioners are updated yearly on their donations.  If you would like to get an update, you have two options:

  1. Parishioners can setup an account in the ConnectNow Giving database. Once your account is setup, you may check your giving history at any time no matter which way you donate to the church. Please contact Dara West at the office.
  2. Parishioners can call the office and request their financial statement.

Q. What efforts are being taken to engage the business community at large and solicit them for donations, support, etc.?

A.  Our parish and school community is the focus of this campaign.  Some local businesses will be contacted and we are looking for volunteers to make these contacts.