Memorials offer families an opportunity to place names of deceased loved ones in a sacred space at the Sacred Heart columbarium.

Names are engraved on a "tab" that is then installed on a plaque along with other tabs.

The design of the memorial plaques is not finalized and will be finalized prior to construction.  Current plans, subject to change are:

  • Each plaque will be 2 feet by 4 feet (landscape)
  • Each plaque will have one header line with “IN MEMORY OF” or something similar
  • We will have a potential for placing 8 total plaques as demand and sales take place
  • Each plaque will hold 44 tabs each or a total for all 8 plaques of 352 memorial tabs
  • Each bronze tab will hold up to 3 lines with 20 characters per line
  • Sales price for each tab is $ 750.00, which will be tax deductible

Two ways to request a memorial:

  1. Complete the form below and bring the form along with payment to the office or contact the columbarium team,,  to setup an appt. - Memorial Form
  2. Complete this online form and pay by credit card or check using ACH - LINK