Interested in Purchasing a Niche?

We are excited to offer this wonderful service to our Parish families and area Catholics.  


The columbarium is composed of 8 x 8 x 12 inch niches. Each niche will hold the cremains of two people. To select a niche location, you will need to make an appt with someone on the columbarium team.  To make an appointment, please contact either Althea Jenkins at 478-396-2515 or Joe and Dolly Esposito at 478-955-7313 or email

Below is information for you to review if you are considering purchasing a niche.

Presale pricing is available through September 30, 2021 before construction starts. Prices will go up October 1, 2021.  Prices for one niche that will hold two urns are:

  • Tier 1, Rows A - C - $2,750
  • Tier 2, Rows D - F - $2,500
  • Tier 3, Rows G - I - $2,250

At the time of your appointment to select your niche and complete your paperwork, you may either pay by check or by credit card from this link. There is an additional 2.2% cover processing costs when a credit card is used. 

The required paperwork is below.  This may be completed before your appointment or when you meet with someone on the columbarium team.  Once completed, you will get a copy of all the forms.  Information in the paperwork can easily be updated by calling the office. In some cases, you may not have all the information and that is fine.

We are thankful that other parishes in the Savannah and Atlanta Diocese shared their paperwork with us and we have leveraged their information.

Additional costs are the urn and the cost of engraving the granite faceplate.  We strongly suggest that you purchase an urn from Sacred Heart.  That way we are assured the urn will be compatible with our columbarium.  The urns are reasonably priced.  The engraving cost will be deteremined at the time ased on the actual cost plus shipping and taxes.

Thank you for considering the furture columbarium at Sacred Heart for your final resting place!